Nursery & Reception

What Are We Learning This Term 


Nursery and Reception

Welcome to the EYFS 

Nursery - Elmer Class - with Mrs Thomas, Mrs Wilde, Mrs Preston, Miss Lait and Mrs Weatherill


This term the Nursery children are very busy with their topic ‘Can we explore it?’ They are building dens and exploring wonderful stories like ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’

We are encouraging the children, especially those going to Reception in September, to recognise, read and write their name. We are also working hard to count to 10 and recognise all the numerals to 10. You can help at home by looking at all the numbers in the environment, on doors, cars, lottery tickets,  remote control etc.



Reception - Dragon Class – with Mrs Allen and Miss Islip

Reception – Unicorn Class – with Mrs Johnson and Miss Baxter


The Reception Classes are very busy learning about minibeasts. We are getting up, close and personal with some tiny creatures and are so excited about watching our caterpillars grow and make an amazing transformation.

We are working really hard to write a sentence with spaces between every word. You can help at home by asking your child to write a sentence from their reading books.

In maths we are thinking about adding and subtracting numbers as well as learning about doubles, halves and sharing. Can your child sing you our doubles song?