Weelsby's Elf Adventures!

So... On the 1st December 2020, Miss Davenport received a special delivery - Gizmo the Elf from Santa.

And what mischief he did cause!  He tried to help Miss Davenport with the Christmas fairy lights but got caught up in them!

He has been able to live with Miss Davenport at the weekends with the tortoises but Gizmo terrorised them!

Gizmo raided the art cupboard to find rescources to help im build a sleigh.  He zoomed across Miss Davenport's desk causing havoc!

He has a good sense of humour and one night he surprised Miss Davenport with a funny joke!

After all the fun and games, Miss Davenport could not take anymore! She places Gizmo on a chair and faced him the other way, he was not allowed to move.  Poor Gizmo - he was only trying to have fun!

And finally, to impress Miss Davenport the most, he dressed so smartly.  He looked in his wardrobe and found his best clothes.  

What a humorous little man! I wonder if Miss Davenport will miss him?