Weelsby's November Good to be Green Rewards

Children strive to show 'Green' behaviour.  This means that they are rewarded for their great efforts, good behaviour and positive attitude to learning.  In November, all classes decided on their 'Good to be Green' reward.  This enabled children to aim towards their goal.

Our next planned 'Good to be Green' reward is the final week of December.  Let's wait and see what the children choose to enjoy then.

Here are some photographs of the children enjoying their 'Good to be Green' reward in their class bubbles:

In Year 2, the children enjoyed watching Toy Story 4 with their friends.  They ate popcorn and sweets.  What a fabulous time they all had!
In Miss Smith's class, the children sipped hot chocolate whilst they settled down to watch Ice Age.  What a chilling adventure they had!
In Mrs Graham's class, the children had a dicso with party games and party food.  It looks like he is enjoying the food!
In Year 6, Just Dance moves were a very popular choice.   The children danced around and played party games winning prizes.