Pupil Voice

“The fact she’s still managing to get learning done even though she is at home is really good and she loves her maths lessons. I love how you are doing even more like PE and science. It is all so good.” Year 3 parent.

“She is involved in all activities and will do the best she can.” Year 5 parent.

“Being provided extra time for questions and help if needed it is great. Furthermore is helps them see their peers and other teachers who provide her with extra help and support.” Year 4 parent.

“My son was offered 1-1 due his needs. This is brilliant and he really is learning.” Year 6 parent.

“I personally think the school and teachers are doing a brilliant job within the circumstances they are faced with.” Reception parent.

“My child’s teacher will spend extra time phoning me to explain the work so I can help my child. That is really great.” Year 1 parent.