Applying for schools?

We understand that choosing a school is an important choice. We are always willing to help. 

There are two ways that you can apply to a new school. 

1. Online

2. By Phone 

Local Authority Admissions Team on 01472 323081.

If you need any support at all, please contact the academy office on 01472 342554.

The process

Once you have filled in and sent off your application, your application will be considered.

Many schools will have places for your child; however, some schools may be full, or be oversubscribed (Where they have more applications than they have places).

If a school is oversubscribed, a set criteria is given to decide which children are taken. Children are then given their school based on their ranking on the list.

  1. Children who have statements of educational needs/ education health care plans.
  2. Looked after children: (children in public care) or a child who was previously looked after.
  3. Living in the catchment area.
  4. Having brothers or sisters who are already at the school / academy when your child is due to start there.
  5. The last factor is geographical. We will give priority to those living nearest to the school / academy ( the distance measured is the shortest available safe route for pedestrians from the front door of the child’s home address (including flats) to the main entrance of the school / academy)

What if the school is full or you are not allocated your chosen school?

You can:


If a school cannot meet your school preference you can appeal against the decision to an independent appeals panel. 

Go onto a waiting list

If your child is refused admission to a school / academy, your child’s name will be placed on the waiting list for that school. The waiting list for each school / academy is based on the published admission criteria and all children are kept on that list in order of the criteria for at least the first term of the academic year. 

For a more detailed overview of our admission arrangements, please see the Statutory section by clicking here.