Academy Day

Our school day starts at 9:00am, but school is open from 8:45am onwards so pupils can check in with their class.  Registration is from 8:55am until 9:00am with assembly starting at 9.40am for KS1 and 10.15am for KS2.  School finishes at 3:10pm.  All after school clubs except film club finsh at 4:15pm.  Please check the notice boards to find out when film club finishes as this depends on the length of the film.

Morning nursery sessions start at 8:45am and finish at 11:45am.  Afternoon nursery sessions start at 12:10pm and finish at 3:10pm.


Key stage 1 children have morning break from 10:45am to 11.00am.

Key Stage 2 children have morning break from 10:30am to 10.45am.


Lunchtimes are staggered to make sure that children can have a pleasurable dining experience.

  • Reception and KS2 children have lunch from 11:45 to 12:30.  Key Stage 1children have lunch from 12:15 to 1.00

Start of Day

The school gates are opened at 8:30am and a member of staff is on duty on the playground at this time. However we ask parents to try not to send or bring children to school too early.  Parents can either use the playground entrance near the car park or can use the Hilda Street entrance to bring children to wait on the playground.  In wet weather parents can shelter in Kay’s house or shelter under the playground canopy.

At 8:45 parents can either use the playground door or the door on Hilda Street to drop children off. To visit the school office, please walk round the outside of the school – parents are not allowed in the building at the start an dend of the day to amintain the safety of all of our pupils. All doors are supervised by a member of staff. Parents with buggies can leave them safe and dry under Kay’s House with a member of staff whilst they drop off older children.  Children in nursery need to walk through the nursery playground when parents take them to class. Reception children will come through the Hilda Street gate and into the Reception Playground.

End of Day

The school gates onto the field entrance and the gate on Hilda Street are opened at 3:00 p.m. and parents can wait on the playground if they arrive early.  At 3:10pm parents with children in foundation stage can collect children from class.  In Years 1 and 2 at 3:10pm parents can then collect children from class.  Years 3-6 will be brought by their class teacher to the playground for collection.  We require written parental permission for children to walk home by themselves.

Collection and drop off from Nursery at Mid Day.

Parents should collect and drop off children via the Hilda Street Gate.

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