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At Weelsby Academy we believe that when staff, parents and children work together all children, irrespective of their background, can succeed and achieve their ambitions. We work together to provide a happy, caring, safe and stimulating environment where learning is fun and everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential. We aim to broaden children’s minds and raise their aspirations. We are fostering a ‘can do’ approach and with everyone working together, we strive to make our school the best and the children the best they can be.

During these unprecendented times it is more important than ever that we stay connected with our pupils and be prepared for remote learning.

We are committed to ensuring that all our children receive the highest quality at edication whether they are at school or at home taking part in remote learning. In the event of a national lockdown or bubble closure, we expect that the children will continue to learn at home. We provide remote learning at home, based around the sequence of learning that they would be taught in school. All children that need one will be provided, by school, with all the necessary equipment to ensure that this is not a barrier to their learning. 

Staff have recieved, and continue to receive, high quality CPD so they can present their remote learing in creative and engaging ways and we continually develop our remote learning offer. As an Academy and Trust, we understand the difficulties that may be faced by families in these difficult times, which is why we are able to offer devices loans (if needed) to ensure that children have the opportunity to engage with their learning.

Here are the views of some of our parent's about our remote learning offer.

"The fact she’s still managing to get learning done even though she is at home is really good and she loves her maths lessons. I love how you are doing even more like PE and science. It is all so good." Year 3 parent.

"She is involved in all activities and will do the best she can." Year 5 parent.

"Being provided extra time for questions and help if needed it is great. Furthermore is helps them see their peers and other teachers who provide her with extra help and support." Year 4 parent.

"My son was offered 1-1 due his needs. This is brilliant and he really is learning." Year 6 parent.

"I personally think the school and teachers are doing a brilliant job within the circumstances they are faced with." Reception parent.

My child's teacher will spend extra time phoning me to explain the work so I can help my child. That is really great." Year 1 parent.

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